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  • CLARIFIDE Plus incorporates health and wellness traits in addition to the production traits delivered by standard genomic testing
  • Wellness traits offer you the opportunity to better manage disease and increase profitability on your farm
  • Cows in the top 25% of the herds for the genetic predictions for each trait were, on average, over twice as likely to stay healthy
  • For a more productive, profitable and welfare‑friendly future choose CLARIFIDE Plus

Exclusive to CLARIFIDE Plus

Dairy Wellness ProfitTM (DWP) – a bespoke selection index based not only on lifetime productivity but also health, giving an overall view as to how profitable a cow could be.

CLARIFIDE Plus provides proven predictions on those illnesses show on the diagram on the left. Start testing your Holstein or Jersey herds with CLARIFIDE Plus today.

Heifer inventory management is the key to your success

Find out which heifers wil be most profitable for you

The health of the animal has the single greatest impact on lifetime productivity. CLARIFIDE Plus gives you insight into which of your heifers are less likely by:

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All cows will drop their dry matter intake a few days before calving, but the cows with the largest drop and slowest recovery are the ones which are most likely to get sick post-calving. Find out more: https://bit.ly/3dVqH5Q #KickKetosis #TransitionManagement

This is Zak who decided to wander from his home today and was found by my daughter and her friend.
After visiting @RiadaVets we were able to check his microchip and find out who he belonged to. A couple of phone calls and we were able to deliver him safely home. #allswell https://twitter.com/rava_ian/status/1411332416409645061

Ian Frizzell@rava_ian

Been out on a dog rescue mission so missed the #IREvJPN game. I did keep up with the game on Twitter but I’m now looking for a recording. Any ideas where I might find it?

Nice to get an article in the @FarmingLifeNI this weekend @AdamConn
I hear it’s sold out in north antrim 😂🤪

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