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Dairy Herd Health

Routine Fertility Scanning

Riada Vet Clinic have been using ultrasound scanners for pregnancy diagnosis in cattle for almost 20 years. We currently have 7 portable BCF “Easi-Scan’ scanners including two of the newest state of the art Easi-scan go’s available to ensure we can meet the demand from our clients. As experienced farm vets we recognise the need for a different sort of service to assist in the day to day management of diary herds experiencing fertility problems. We are pro-active in visiting farms regularly to investigate fertility problem breeders. Our vets are kept up to date with all the latest heat synchronisation protocols to ensure we can help our clients improve their herds’ fertility performance.

Riada Vet Clinic were the first farm vet practice in the area to use the NMR InterHerd programme and use it to assist in the recording and analysis of the fertility records for our clients. This programme has since become the industry standard for dairy herd fertility recording. The addition of the Interherd+ enhances the ability to generate reports and improve analysis. Interherd+ can also import milk recording data for clients. We record with both NMR and United Dairy Farmers, while also providing analysis of these results to assist with the management of mastitis and nutrition.

Calf Health Investigations

Our vets offer complete calf health checks. Cattle succumb when the disease pressure overcomes their immune system, which could be caused by a range of factors such as poor nutrition or environment stressors. There are a number of areas of management that can affect the incidence of disease on farm. Our vets can work through these checkpoint areas in a monthly visit to ensure your calves are the best that they can be.


Riada Vets can perform pneumonia investigations on your farm, including nasal swabs to detect the causative organism, ventilation calculations and air flow investigations. We can then workout a plan of action to address the main issues, and how best to approach preventative measures.


As part of the full farm animal service we offer to the agricultural sector, we can assist in the investigation of mastitis outbreaks and high somatic cell count problems including reading Milk Records.

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All cows will drop their dry matter intake a few days before calving, but the cows with the largest drop and slowest recovery are the ones which are most likely to get sick post-calving. Find out more: https://bit.ly/3dVqH5Q #KickKetosis #TransitionManagement

This is Zak who decided to wander from his home today and was found by my daughter and her friend.
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