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Large Animals

Our Farming Community

Riada Veterinary Clinic was originally established to provide a service to the farming community of North Antrim. The farm animal side of the business remains very important to us. Quality and speed of service have always been our priority. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent service to all livestock under our care.

Summary of Services


Blood Tests

Ultrasound Scanning

Lameness/Mastitis Investigations

Emergency Care

Dairy Herd Fertility

Latest Treatments

We have adopted a progressive approach using a range of investigative techniques. Determining the cause of health and production problems on your farms and developing strategies to resolve any problems identified, while using the most up to date laboratory tests to help diagnose problems.

Modern Technology

Riada Vet Clinic continues to invest in technology to improve the service to our farm clients. We use data from our clients milk recordings to keep an eye on performance, and advise if any management changes are required, liaising with your nutritionists were needed.

Investigative Techniques

Our vets keep up to date with all the latest treatments and surgical procedures to ensure the best outcomes for your business. We continue to evolve the service we offer to reflect the changing face of the agriculture industry.

Community Meetings

We regularly run farmer meetings either on a client farm or venue based, during which, we encourage informal learning and discussion. These meetings are often done with the help and support of the local reps of the pharmaceutical companies and renowned external speakers.

In-house Laboratory

In-house Mastitis sample culture testing— Turnaournd time for results are much quicker, usually 24/48 hours. We can measure faecal egg count in sheep and cows to diagnose the presence of worm infection and to help determine the best time to treat and avoid over treating.

Vetimpress Software

We have recently purchased Vetimpress software, a powerful online software programme which will allow us to provide you with an even better service through analysis of a much greater range of data.

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All cows will drop their dry matter intake a few days before calving, but the cows with the largest drop and slowest recovery are the ones which are most likely to get sick post-calving. Find out more: https://bit.ly/3dVqH5Q #KickKetosis #TransitionManagement

This is Zak who decided to wander from his home today and was found by my daughter and her friend.
After visiting @RiadaVets we were able to check his microchip and find out who he belonged to. A couple of phone calls and we were able to deliver him safely home. #allswell https://twitter.com/rava_ian/status/1411332416409645061

Ian Frizzell@rava_ian

Been out on a dog rescue mission so missed the #IREvJPN game. I did keep up with the game on Twitter but I’m now looking for a recording. Any ideas where I might find it?

Nice to get an article in the @FarmingLifeNI this weekend @AdamConn
I hear it’s sold out in north antrim 😂🤪

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